The most common anti-vibration device is made of anti-vibration devices. a flexible pad, often an elastomer washer, positioned between the source of vibration and the entity à isolate.

The hardnessé Shore of this pad (or “ silentbloc ”) is a predetermined compromise. depending on the anticipated constraints (most annoying vibration frequencies, supported mass, etc.) When we wish to multiply the vibration frequencies at to attenuate or that we want to induce progressiveness of the response (search for comfort), we add several blocks of different hardness.

The number of layers of such a stack is, of course, limited; by questions of cost and size. By nesting only two grades of the same elastomer one inside the other, Modula’Vibr makes it possible to obtain a multitude of hardnesses within a single material. ;me plot. The vibrational behavior obtained thus turns out to be both versatile and progressive.