Modulatio' technology


Inspired by nature

Inspiree de la nature

In living organisms, there is no solid structure. Evolution has made them economical and efficient.

For 3.8 billion years, living things have used alveolar and lattice structures to combine lightness and rigidity (bird skeletons), flexibility and resilience (bamboo stems), resistance to compression and shock (beetle elytra), and many other characteristics such as heat dissipation, sound attenuation, and vibration absorption.

For example, the shape and density of bones constantly change to best adapt to muscular constraints.

MODULATIO' leverages scientific research conducted by international teams and the molding experience of its founders to develop industrial applications of these natural structures.

The principle

Within a structural element, the constraints are not distributed homogeneously. Some areas are very heavily used while others are more moderately or even very little.
It is therefore not necessary to keep the same density. of matter everywhere.

The Alveolar and Trabecular Structure at the same time Density Variation allow you to vary the density relative strength of the material according to needs.
This results in mechanical performances equivalent to 2 to 100%. 3 times less material, weight, CO2, etc... 

As these structures are obtained by molding, they are reproducible in series.